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  1. Artifex said:

    New File Added: WJC 2012 cyberpack

    Downloads: A new file has been added by Artifex:

    WJC 2012 cyberpack

    WJC 2012 cyberpack

    Import players from PLAYERS folder to your roster and install cyberpack & photopack

    List of players:

    Ryan Strome - 13275 (Canada)
    Fredrik Claesson - 15643 (Sweden)
    Oscar Klefbom - 7671 (Sweden)
    Adam Clendening - 7654 (USA)
    Tomas Jurco - 7656 (Slovakia)
    Evgeny Kuznetsov - 14322 (Russia)
    Max Friberg - 7677 (Sweden)
    Nail Yakupov - 7661 (Russia)
    Filip Forsberg - 15671 (Sweden)
    Mikael Granlund - 15477 (Finland)
    Tomas Hertl - 7920 (Czech)
    Nathan Beaulieu - 7670 (Canada)
    Dougie Hamilton - 15351 (Canada)
    Ryan Murray - 15352 (Canada)
    Mark Stone - 7674 (Canada)
    Mika Zibanejad - 13276 (Sweden)
    Jonathan Huberdeau - 13274 (Canada)
    Petr Mrazek - 7665 (Czech)
    Mikhail Grigorenko - 7655 (Russia)
    Andrei Vasilevskiy - 8055 (Russia)

  2. perreault11's Avatar

    perreault11 said:
    Good work!
  3. Tavadi's Avatar

    Tavadi said:
    not bad.Now would still cyberface for some.
  4. gamer147's Avatar

    gamer147 said:
    This is an awesome pack

  5. Sminty's Avatar

    Sminty said:
    The nv2 files remain in my NHL09 after I ran facepack installer, addon installer and bhimport, in that order. Did I do something wrong?
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  6. Francktrainers911 said:
    Great works Artifex !
  7. DSgamby's Avatar

    DSgamby said:
    Smintya: nv2 are player import files for NHL View so you can import the player over a new player or existing player.
  8. Big-E's Avatar

    Big-E said:
    Thanks for the pack!

    St. Paul Bucksaws - You should See what we Saw!
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    seregaL said:
    Thank you very much buddy
  10. getfile's Avatar

    getfile said:
    Thank you! Особенно за наших и особенно за Якупова. Прям как живой
    Yakupov's just great.
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    getfile said:
    Quote Originally Posted by Sminty View Post
    Did I do something wrong?
    Open NHL View - Tab "Lines" (of a team needed) - Database - Player - Import Data - Choose your .nv2 file - Say "yes" to a question - Click "Save" button (switch tabs for it become active) - Exit NHL View - Reopen NHL View - There you are.
  12. Artifex said:
    You should import nv2 files manualy in your nhl09 roster using NHLView utility.
  13. ivan_94 said:
    где этих игроков то взять???
  14. Artifex said:
    из папки players импортировать в свой ростер через редактор NHLVIEW.
  15. DSgamby's Avatar

    DSgamby said:
  16. ivan_94 said:
    Quote Originally Posted by DSgamby View Post
    English only guys.
  17. ivan_94 said:
    added players but I do not understand how to add photo cyberface ... I have all the people they have the
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  18. DSgamby's Avatar

    DSgamby said:
    Quote Originally Posted by ivan_94 View Post
    added players but I do not understand how to add photo cyberface ... I have all the people they have the
    In NHL View, you must make sure the face number matches the numbers that are after the players name.

    Inside the download. Click the WJC 2012 cyberpack folder, then click on cyber & photo pack then extract it to your main game folder.

    You probably didn't hexedit your faces.viv.

    See How To Get Addons To Work With Vista and Windows 7 & Basic Addon Installation link in my sig. The last link in the first post is what you need. You will also need the addon tools that is linked in the first post.

    For NHL View help, look at my Basic NHL View Tutorial link in my sig
  19. phillyslimm's Avatar

    phillyslimm said:
    Good lookin out on this pack, glad to have these in my game.